What is Modernipsum?

Even more simple put as Tuna Ipsum, it’s a blatant rip of a rip of Bacon Ipsum. I received the link from a colleague pointing me to the Tuna Ipsum site. Y-a-v-a and ax710 are artists. We like the meat and fish and veggie versions but we wanted an artistic version.

You’re missing an -ism!

Well, send it over to us and we will add it if it’s art related!

How did you make this site?

The guy from Bacon Ipsum, the guy from Tuna Ipsum, WordPress, Mathew Tinsley for the PHP class, Kazimir Malevich and Marcel Duchamp made this all happen. Y-a-v-a and ax710 did some coding and the graphics, except for the theme which is indeed the Twenty-Ten from WordPress.

Who are you?

See y-a-v-a.org and see ax710.org. We’re artists, we mix stuff into something.

Do you have a picture of a man with an artwork?

Indeed I do.

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